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Welding Compound

Gas Forge Welding Compound


1. Scarf and clean your steel as you would normally do in preparing for a forge weld.
2. Heat your pieces to a red heat and lightly apply the flux.  Note: A little bit of this flux will go a long way so use sparingly.  You only need to coat the surfaces that are going to be welded.
3. Put the pieces back in the forge and bring up to welding temperature and weld as you would normally.   Note:  Because of the formulation of this flux you are able to weld at a lower temperature.  Do not over heat your steel.
4. Repeat the process if necessary to finish the weld.

Usage tip:  When fluxing your steel do it over an aluminum pie pan or something similar.  At the end of the day, clean the dirt and scale from the pie pan and pour the flux back in the flux can for future use.  This will cut down on the amount of flux that you will need to use.

Jim Kennady has also posted some additional information about welding fluxes on his web site.  You can click on the following link for more information including a video.  http://www.kennadycustommetal.com/blacksmithinformation.htm

Refer to the product Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for recommended work practices and other product safety information.

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