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The picture above is of the Z Burner
flame with the burner running at 5 psi.

The Z Burner is the newest burner design to come to the atmospheric burner line at Zoeller Forge.  Larry developed this atmospheric jet ejector burner through research and testing that he has been doing over the last two years.  The BTU output and performance is great and they will run from .5 to 30 psi pressure range.   Its BTU output is a little less than the side arm burner but the actual burner flame temperature is hotter, making it ideal for a gas forge.  Do not ask me why it is hotter because I cannot explain, but it is hotter.  There is something about the way that the air is drawn in that allows it to entrain all the combustion air that's needed for great combustion.  This creates a hotter, more intense, faster-burning flame which is better suited for a gas forge.   I find that they run fine through out there normal operating pressure range without a choke.  The rule of thumb for Z Burners to forge volume is: (1) 3/4" Z Burner for every 350 cubic inch of interior forge space.  These figures are for a forge that has been properly insulated, for example: two layers of 1"Durablanket with 8 lb. density 1260°C (2300°F) temperature grade rating for the forge lining and forge lining coated with Plistix 900 F.   I have also posted a link on my FAQs page to an online calculator to figure the area of a cylinder.


The BTU output chart above is not theoretical
numbers but are the actual measured BTU output of the Z Burner that was tested at the University of Kentucky, Center for Applied Energy Research.

  Below, You will find e-mails which include feedback from various blacksmiths who tested or purchased the Z Burner.

Dear Larry,

 I received the new Z Burner in the mail and had it hooked up and running the same day.  It is an improvement on the 90-degree burner assembly.  The new Z Burner is not affected by movement of the air near the inlet port as was the old burner.  This new burner runs smoother and I believe that it does run with a little bit less noise.  It even puts out more heat with the same amount of gas pressure.  Good job on the new Z Burner.  Thanks and keep up your great work on product improvements.




  The following comment was made by Dave Hammer, of Oakton, VA .
"I usually buy my forge supplies from Larry and frequently recommend his products to others. His new burner is definitely a winner. If you're looking to buy, I highly recommend it."

The following comments were made by James Kennady of Creedmoor, North Carolina.
"I have been purchasing forge supplies from Larry for several years.  He has been my sole supplier of burners for the past 5 or 6 years.  In the past I have used his stainless steel burner flares to make my own burners.  Later, I realized that it was more cost effective to buy his side arm burners.  I have been using the Z-burner since July 2008 and am very happy with it.  The burner is affected very little by the fan I use to cool the shop.  It puts out a stable flame over the propane pressures I use, ranging from 5-20 PSI.  The stable flame at low pressures allows me to conserve fuel and reduce costs.  The new Z-burner would be my first choice when buying a new burner and I would highly recommend them to other blacksmiths."

Came across your Z-Burner and I figured it was worth $50 to try out in a forge I built years ago but never used. Simply put, the burner works great. Setup and tuning was simple, it started right away and burned quiet and HOT without needing constant fiddling. Burned it all afternoon and only used 1/2 tank. Just for the hell of it I carved a crucible out of some fire brick and in less than 5 minutes poured an aluminum casting. In one day I've added immeasurably to my capacity to work metal. Great work, definitely worth it.
- Brian Peters, Marietta, GA.

For more information on how to purchase a Z Burner.  Click Here.

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