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Wood Forge
Every since I saw Tim Lively's pictures of his wood fired forge that he built using a oval wash tub, I have been wanting to build one.  Then I saw some new ones being offered for sale on the internet using firebricks and ceramic blanket for the lining, I thought that this would be a more efficient forge.  So I decided I am going to build one and show my progress along the way.

The two picture above are of a couple of hand crank blowers that I bought on Ebay.  The silver one is made in India and the blue one is made in China.  I am going to use both and see which one will do the best job.

The picture above is 9" long  x 4 1/2" wide  x 1 1/4" thick  2900°F  Super Duty Firebricks, I plan on using seven of these to build the wood forge.

Please send your comments or suggestions to : zman59@earthlink.net

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