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October 10,2009:  I recently started making a few knives so I posted a few pictures of some of them and I will be posting more as I make them.

The knife above is a Blacksmith style knife that I made using a piece of 5160 spring steel the knife is 9 inches long.

The knife above was made using a piece of 1 inch Grade 60 Rebar.  After forging and initial grinding the knife was taken up to critical temperature and oil quenched.  Then the blade was heat treated at 350 for one hour.   After more grinding and clean up the blade was hardened using an oil quench. The knife is approximately 11.5 inches long., the grade 60 Rebar will make a good usable knife.

The three pictures above are of a primitive folder that I made using a Shaker peg for the knife body.  The blade and the spring were made using 1095 steel..  I got the plans for making this folder from the book Hot Shop by Gene Chapman that is published by Oak and Iron Publishing

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