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Firebrick Gas Forges

October 29, 2008:  The forge above is basically the same as the first firebrick forge that I built except this one has a layer of 3/4" 3000°F  42% Alumina Firebricks on the bottom.  This forge has a more durable floor that can also be used for forge welding.  I put the two interior floor bricks together using Derby 3000
°F Mortar.  This will keep the flux from running down in between the bricks.

November 08, 2008:  The forge body above is the next forge that I am starting to build.  The forge body was built using (9) 2 1/2" insulating firebricks and (3)
3/4" 3000°F  42% Alumina firebricks for the forge floor.  The three bricks that make up the roof of the forge were put together using Derby 3000 °F Mortar.  The three 2 1/2" bricks and the three 3/4" firebricks were also put together using the mortar to make the base of the forge.  The inside dimensions of the forge are 9" x 6 1/2" x 4 1/2" giving you 263 cubic inches of interior space.

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