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I decided to put up some pictures of some the forges that my customers have built using parts that they have purchased from Zoeller Forge.  I had a lot more pictures that people have sent me over the years of forges that they built that I would have posted, but I lost them when my old hard drive crashed.  There are a lot of interesting ways that people have built that I have seen.  One that I thought was pretty neat was a guy that bought a new air tank and used it for the forge body.  It already had the legs welded on it so all he had to do was cut the tank ends off and fasten them with hinges.  It cost about $35.00, that price my seem high until you stop and think how much it would cost to have a forge body rolled and then making the doors.   If you would like to have your pictures posted here please contact me.  My e-mail address is

The forge picture above was submitted by Steed Cutcher.

The picture of the forge above was submitted by Ferrin Long
( Note: the propane hose was layed on top of the forge for picture clarity.  Do not ever lay your hose on top of the forge. )

The forge pictures above were submitted by Sean Mays.  Sean also sent the following comments.

" I just constructed my first forge from the supplies I ordered from you.  I primarily wanted this forge to weld damascus billets for knives... So I was worried that your side arm burner combined with my novice forge wouldn't get hot enough.  After firing up it up, I was able to reach welding temps at around 9 psi very quickly... The burner works great right out of the box.I made it from a Craftsman Five Gallon air tank that I got from Sears for $20.   I was too lazy to scrounge around for steel pipe and anxious to get it built. " Sean


The forge pictures above were sent in by Nick Prescott.  I must say that is one great paint job Nick!


HI Larry,

Here are a couple of shots of the forge you provided the burners for. I think it might have been a bread machine or some type of mixer. Anyway it is all stainless and was welded with much attention paid to the welds. Makes a nice forge, if not a bit extreme. Thanks for your help and materials that made it possible to complete.

Larry House
Dragons Watch Forge

This forge picture was sent in by Joseph Hays of Solon, Ohio


This forge picture was sent by Steven Herrnstadt of Ames, Iowa

The Firebrick forge above was built by Bill Heuser.  He was able to build the forge with no welding involved.  He used a 1.5" floor flange and a 1.5 nipple for the burner holder.

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