Jingle Bells

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The close-up pictures above is of a finished jingle bells.  You can weld or rivet the stem on the bell; either method will work.  These bells would make great Christmas gifts for your family and/or friends. Plus, they make a great little project to do!


The pictures above are of a couple of sleigh bells that I made using the jingle bell blanks.  The four bell one is about 17" long and the three bell one is 14" long.

The picture above shows the process used in forming the jingle bells.

The picture above shows the tools that I used to make the jingle bells.  The 160 gram .35 lb. Doming hammer came from Blacksmith's Depot and I got the Rose petal swage and the small spoon swage off of Ebay.com.  You should be able to find them by doing a search for blacksmith tools.

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